My first time on radio!

My first time on radio!

Yesterday I was part of a weekly radio garden show on Curtin FM 100.1 with a garden buddy, Faye Arcaro, who is a bit famous for winning Gardening Australia’s Golden Shovel a number of years ago.

Apparently I didn’t sound too silly and we plugged my book a few times and mentioned the new website. There are so many things we could have spoken about.. it’s great to hang out with passionate garden people. The sand we have and the high summer temperatures give us special challenges so it’s quite good to be able to hear about gardening in our local conditions.

Even though I’m not physically that keen for the hard labour in a garden I still love plants and all the good bugs and birds and the little beasties that help our gardens grow. I’m happy to talk about those things.

I even managed to sneak in a little mention of the greyhounds and told them how cute it was when Ziggy ate some calendula flower petals.

Public speaking done

Radio done

No photos please..

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