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Nightmare trees – right tree, wrong place.

We wanted some shade and some biomass. We’d both done a PDC and thought a powton would be good, we could easily chop it back to ground level each year,

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Perth plants like some shade in summer.

After removing some large trees because they were too shady, we’re having to make shade in other ways, ironically. The aquaponics is now covered and the north side of the

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Small scale compost systems

Small scale compost systems – bin style, slow composting. The process of turning organic matter into compost can seem like magic, though it’s really quite simple with a few pointers

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Slug hunting season

Slug hunting season again, it isn’t too cold to go out with a head torch at night and drown the little slimy suckers in some soapy water. I have read

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All agaves are not equal

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Agaves are a group of xerophytic plants, able to withstand drought and in many cases, strong sun. Perfect for Perth summers. There are many species and some are sharp and

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Download and Watch Full Movie Ghost in the Shell (2017)

Ghost in the Shell (2017) HD Director : Rupert Sanders. Producer : Ari Arad, Avi Arad, Maguy R. Cohen, Steven Paul. Release : March 29, 2017 Country : United States

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