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Good Bug posters/info sheets

One of my favourite subjects to talk about is beneficial insects. These are sometimes loosely called good bugs, even though they’re not strictly bugs. Below are the small posters I

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Nightmare trees – right tree, wrong place.

We wanted some shade and some biomass. We’d both done a PDC and thought a powton would be good, we could easily chop it back to ground level each year,

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Five main types of pest ants in the Perth area.

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There are five main types of invasive ants in the Perth metro area. Pheidole megacephala Coastal brown/big headed ants Technomyrmex White footed ants Linepethina species Argentine ants Iridomyrmex spp (various)

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Slug hunting season

Slug hunting season again, it isn’t too cold to go out with a head torch at night and drown the little slimy suckers in some soapy water. I have read

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