Leafy greens

Vegetables in round expanded clay media.

We have an aquaponic system set up where we grow rainbow trout during the cooler months. They are very tasty. We don’t bother sm king them as they are delicious baked in the oven or over a fire.

The water from the trout tank cycles through a second tank with yabbies. We also grow a lot of leafy greens using the vegie beds.These are watered from the yabbie tank, then the water fills up and falls through the vegetable beds via some very clever bell siphons. The four veg beds feed back into a sump tank with goldfish to provide poo during summer so we can continue to grow some crops. Then it cycles though again.

We’ve had mixed success with the AP beds due to rat often devouring our broccoli and kale and pulling up seedlings.

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