Welcome to the new site for Humusbeings. All about living with a smaller carbon footprint by changing our habits and being more aware of where consumer goods come from.

If you’d like to get a copy of my book Edible and Useful Plants for the Swan Coastal Plain it can be found online at Lulu.com or  at The Chart & Map Shop in Fremantle and Cheidy’s Aquaponics in Jandakot.
Hands On Dogwash and Dog Gear is our dog wash and dog gear stall that we run on the weekends. The book can also be bought there.

The Blogspot Blog:

Humusbeing’s old blog (Permaculture Gardening in Perth and Fremantle) is over here :  Humusbeings at blogspot.

Live Lighter on the Planet with Humusbeings

Learning to live in a more sustainable manner means changing a few habits to reduce plastic use and rethinking whether we need to pursue more ‘stuff’ all the time to live a happy life.

There will be lots more info about how to live more lightly added to the Green Home Planet pages of this site.

Green Home Planet

Permaculture Gardening in Perth and Fremantle

Gardening in our ancient old sands on the Swan Coastal Plain can be difficult and discouraging at times, but hopefully some of these articles and links can help. There isn’t a lot of specialised local information so it’s handy to have some friends who understand our sandy struggles.




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