Good Bug posters/info sheets

Good Bug posters/info sheets

One of my favourite subjects to talk about is beneficial insects. These are sometimes loosely called good bugs, even though they’re not all bugs. Bugs suck, so that often means pests. There are a few predatory bugs which also prey on other pests.

Below are the small posters I have made about some of the more common beneficial insects we may find in the garden.


Each insect or animal below has a fact sheet available by clicking on the appropriate link.


Though tiny, aphids do a lot of damage to plants. Luckily there are a wide range of beneficial insects which can control them.

The aphid fact sheet is here.


Cabbage white butterflies

The most commonly seen butterfly in most gardens, cabbage whites eat all types of Brassica, including kale, cabbages, broccoli and Chinese veges.

pesky little things

*Cabbage white butterflies fact sheet


Green vegetable bugs (GVB)

These little bugs damage tomatoes and beans with their piercing mouth parts.

green vege bug

Green vege bugs information and how to control them, here.



Hoverflies are ubiquitous, the love flowers of many kinds. They provide an excellent service of pest control in the form of their larvae, which eat many kinds of tiny pests on plants.

*Hover flies info here.



Humans can be useful, sometimes.



Brown lacewing

*Lacewings are beautiful little insects. Their young eat many pests ands their eggs.



Everybody knows the ladybird. Not everyone knows that they are an excellent pest control insect, too. They and their young control aphids and other pesky pests.

*Ladybird info sheet


Paper wasps

While these fellows can be a bit scary, if you don’t disturb them, they are quite good buddies for the garden. They control the cabbage white and other pest species of caterpillars.

paper wasp

*Paper wasps info here.


Parasitoid wasps

These many species of wasps lay their eggs within the eggs of other insects.

*Parasitoid wasps are brilliant, info here.


Slaters and pillbugs

These must be one of the first bugs people meet. They have their use but do get a bit annoying if you have too much mulch.

More info on slaters-pillbugs-ipm here.


Slugs n snails


*Slugs n snails-ipm info here.



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