Not culturing my horticulturist much lately.

Not culturing my horticulturist much lately.

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Ahh, the inspiration that was supposed to come with a new page …   didn’t.. I spend less time in the garden lately and more time doing colourful paintings. I’m enjoying not being sandy and not having dirt in my pockets all the time.

The rats continue to munch almost anything vaguely tasty in our garden, despite cleaning up a lot of their habitat and even getting to the point of frustration of buying bulk rat bait blocks.. which they haven’t touched. We can still grow Alliums and a few herbs.. and they haven’t figured out how to steal our baby trout from the aquaponics! So that’s a bonus. The rats have made sad enough to just not bother a lot out there.

They even chewed the bark off a lot of the dragon fruit stems. I’m a bit over it.


But on a not gardening note.. we’re eating a bit less meat, trying to be a bit better, even though we pretty much only buy organic beef and free range chooks. We have an eggcellent fresh egg supply at the Sunday morning markets we go to and lots of chancets o buy fresh fruit and veg at places nearby. We’re pretty good and fortunate to have this little place to live and have access to good quality food.

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