The Anti Plastic Revolution!

The Anti Plastic Revolution!

Row of carts. bags and baskets waiting for market stall to open.

It’s so exiting that people are finally realising how much damage we have done with single use plastics and how much of the stuff is currently in the world’s oceans, damaging ecosystems and working it’s way into smaller and smaller particles where it even gets into fish and into the people who eat that fish.
As plastic bags, balloon, plastic straws and even some takeaway containers in some councils in Australia are finally being banned we are finally starting to see change and more awareness in the general population.
People will have to get the hang of remembering to bring bags with them now.
It really can make a difference.


Get some bags to go shopping, including small nylon reusable produce and dry goods bags that can be washed and reused 100s of times.

Get your own cup and cutlery to keep with you when you go out, or just drink or eat in at the place.

Make friends with people who have good edible gardens or start one yourself. Picking fresh herbs or vegies means no plastic packaging and far less fossil fuels are produced driving it around or standing in your garden munching on fresh peas or beans.


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