Edible and Useful Plants for the Swan Coastal Plain

This book, written by Vicki, provides information about plants that are edible or have other uses. They can all be grown in Perth, Western Australia and would also grow in other places with sandy soils with a temperate or Mediterranean climate. The sands of the Swan Coastal Plain are particularly poor and sandy and require special attention to become productive.

Many people believe that growing food is going to become even more important as time passes, it is a great pastime and you know what is going into your vegetables and fruit if you grow it yourself. In this book, Vicki provides guidance on how the soil can be improved for food production in a practical, cost-effective manner that will benefit all gardeners.

Many ‘weeds’ are quite nutritious, are ridiculously easy to grow and some are quite tasty when eaten as well. In many cases, weeds are very effective for protecting or invigorating damaged soils and can often thrive where no other plants survive. Many weeds also have other purposes and these are detailed further in the book.

Some species in the book have non edible uses such as firewood, making tools or utensils or weaving.

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